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Surridge Sport is one of the oldest sports brands in the world. The established legacy came to exist in 1867 when Stuart Surridge's grandfather, Percy Stuart Surridge, started repairing old cricket bats and selling them in his town. As the years went by, he started making his own bats from the willow trees that grew in his own back garden. Percy Surridge pioneered the way in 1893 by patenting the first reinforced toe in a cricket bat and and taking the cricket bat market by storm. 7 years on, the Surridge success story continued as cricket legend W.G Grace adopted the Surridge bat in 1900.

In the 1950s Wisden awarded Surridge sponsored player, Robert Neil Harvey as cricketer of the year, in recognition of his 2,000 runs during the 1953 tour of England. Surridge bats were continued to be used by greats such as Graham Gooch, Viv Richards and Lance Kluesner. In 2002 the SDL Group Ltd became UK distributors for Surridge. This gave the Surridge brand a new lease of life and allowed Surridge to become a recognised name through activities in Cricket, Football and Hockey. In 2005 the SDL Group Ltd were able to purchase the Surridge brand and accelerate the reintroduction of the name in professional and amateur circles.

Since 2005 the Surridge brand has continued to move from strength to strength, taking on new challenges and moving in more directions. The brand now supplies playing and training wear to professional cricket, football, rugby as well as many amatuers clubs and traders. Surridge had also established itself in the highly technical higher education marketing and is a brand leader in multi sports supplier within the University market.  Proactive schools and college who want a better image on and off field choose SS as their sports schoolwear supplier.

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