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The team at Lord Apparel (LA) is passionate about clothing and sport.  We have been in and around the fashion and sportwear industry for decades.  We understand the issues of building a sports brand and the restrictions of manufacturing and cash flow involved in this process. LA delivers a quality product from a service point that any brand can grow from with the minimum financial risk.  Quality will never be compromised for price on our product.  We know how competitive the market is and we meet the expectations on price through efficiencies in our whole ordering, production and distribution methods.  We have been doing this for long enough to get it right, and we do get it right each time.


We are also changing the made to order, design your own product market.  This has always not been possible for smaller qty and short lead times.  Now it is!  Design your own on our platform and get the products in just a few weeks.  This is also possible due to efficiencies in our processes, and the cost is the same as our stock product.  Try this service, you will not be disappointed. 



LA - Developing Brands.   

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