Lifestyle designed using the brands of our customers. The designs and quality are high street fashion lead, with the most modern forms of embellishment. The materials and colours are modern and are designed with the customers supporters in mind. Range includes but not exclusive to;




Rain Jackets 




We design 2 ranges per annum. Spring/summer and Autumn/Winter. The ranges will be highlighted on the website and we will have a standard catalogue for reference of the company and capabilities rather than the products.


Professional Football, Cricket and Rugby Teams


Private Schools

Minimums & Lead Times

2 weeks and minimum of 20pcs for stock lines 

Exclusive Student Union Online Offering

- TT build a web shop & embed this in the university website- different styles available

- University will be a vendor and they can see all their orders previous and present 

- The university works on a flat % of the sales. This could change to be different per product- however more simple at the start.

-The cost to us for doing this and set up per uni is expensive but this can be a free of charge service if the size of contract is expecting to be sizeable. 

- TT can supply a massive amount of clothing, all with prints and embroidery on. The uni can select the range and/or TT designs can add product.

- TT expect to be the exclusive clothing supplier (non sports) to the student uni.

-TT will collate the databases of people who have ordered and market them with bespoke uni promotions. The uni is all expected to promote the web shop and new products on a regular basis*

-TT are looking to partner up with our universities to give their design, garment, graphic students a chance to bring to market actual products.

- We are looking for students to design lifestyle designs. For each design we select we will pay a pre agreed price, either to the university or directly to the student (whichever you prefer).These designs will then get uploaded on our websites for our customers to choose from.

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