Body By Byram is the new active wear range by TV host, Amanda Byram. As well as being internationally known for her two decades in television broadcasting, Amanda is also a qualified personal trainer as well as a student of nutrition and champion of female empowerment through fitness and exercise.

The journey to health was not easy. Body by Byram was born after years of making mistakes both in how she trained, ate and thought. Finally, Amanda realised that a happy body came from a happy mind and started sharing with women young and old that "perfect" is a personal choice not something that should be dictated to you. So whether you are: working out, running, boxing , spinning, stretching or relaxing, here is a range you can move in, train in, live in.

From day one Amanda made a promise that would ensure she stayed true to the women for whom she was creating the collection for. Throughout the process, one question above all was asked "what would SHE want?" The answer? Simple...Fashion, Fabric, Fit, Features and Feel.

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